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Aqua Peeling Spray

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[Basic Infomation]

[Yourim CO., LTD.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Natural Mineral Peeling System
Spray type natural dead skin cell remover developed the world's first, made by deep sea water

  • It uses only 100% natural mineral deep sea water from 870m basement in Namhae, clean island of Korea. (Joint research and development with Namhae Deep Sea Water. Inc.)
  • Dead skin cell removing function acts only with natural mineral deep sea water and pure Vegetable soap (Nothing acts as a dead skin cell remover function.)
  • It optionally operates when there is dead skin cell. (There is not a phenomenon htat harden product seems to show the dead cell skin removing like existing products.)
  • It is completed heavy metal tetst for cosmetic and skin stimulation test according to FDA fo the USA, and it registered in CTFA.
  • It joined the product-liability insurance in Korea, China and Japan so it can be use safely.

Aqua peeling spray (for body)
It is natural body peeling product to absorb natural mineral into skin, to remove skin wastes easily and to make healthy skin.

[How to apply]
After shower, putting on aqua peeling spray on the desired area and applying it evenly, then dead skin cell is removed easily if it is scrubbed by hand or towel. If you apply Solid foam after use then you will meet suprisingly soft, moist and clean skin.

apick (natural mineral face lotion), sodium soap base, perfume, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone (preservatives, it is replaced by natural preservatives(